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1995: Probably EP

1996: Somebody Somewhere (single)

1996: Shine Box 

1997: The World and his Dog (single)

1997: Heavenly Day (single)

1998: Sunburst (single)

1998: All The Time In The  World (single)

1998: Karmarama

1999: Love in the Streets (single)

2000: Bring The House Down (Live Album)

2001: She (Single)

2003: Breathe (single)

2003: Everybody Loves My Girl (single)

2003: Madness Sadness Gladness

2004: Meet Me (single)

2004: One of us (single)

2013: Hello (single)

2013: Some Night She Will Be Mine (single)

2013: Evolution

2013 Papers in the Park (single)

2014: Rules of Science (single)

2016: Live at the Church (Live EP)


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